Who wrote this

A drawing about a kind of sad confusion from 2020. I still like the drawing itself very much. I guess because of the style, the combination of clean colors and clumsy pencil lines.

And I remember the drawing process went well. That makes the drawing feel different (better) to me afterwards.

Now, in 2022, this drawing reminds me of a woo-woo talk I listened to recently. It basically went like this (turn on your imagination… now.):

  • When you’re the actor in your life, you can see: “Oh, it’s just a play,” and “oh, I can improvise…”
  • When you’re the director: “Oh, I can change where the camera points at…”
  • When you’re the writer: “I can rewrite this script, or even start a whole new story.”

No matter the woo-woo, for me, this is a fun thought experiment that puts things in perspective. See also Shakespeare.

(I’m not even gonna quote him)

(you know which quote I mean)

In this podcast by Tom Bilyeu, Ken Honda addresses something similar and calls it ‘the life script’. And I think psychologists use an exercise literally called ‘rescripting’). 

And suppose these fun mental gymnastics are actually close to the truth… what does that mean for how you see and interpret your life now? The stories you tell yourself and others about yourself?