What you want

In 2017, I hung out with someone who had extreme difficulty speaking up. Saying what he really wanted. Telling me whether he wanted to stay or go. To go to this place, or that. Saying anything at all, really.

Now I know that verbal communication is not everything. Body language and vibes and stuff. But this was just too much for me.

Of course, the opposite also exists. Someone who never stops talking. Not exactly ideal either. Is this (just) a matter of ‘introverted’ versus ‘extroverted’? Something something self-reflection? Nature or nurture? Well, epigenetics exists now, so that question is outdated, really. 

OK, I’ll stop with the random assocations now. 

* cough – nerd – cough *

I remember I used ideas from another creator for this design, but for the life of me, I can’t find my source from 2017. Please @me if you know.