Wasn’t me

“I am a poor devil
And my name is Titivillus.”

A fun mix of Inktober and Factober, by the QI elves.

Story goes that in the Middle Ages, Titivillus was a demon that caused writers and scribes to make mistakes in their work. So as a scribe, if you made a mistake, you could just go ‘it wasn’t me, it was…’

Later on, Titivillus got even more responsibilities. He collected not just written words, but also “idle chat that occurs during church service, and mispronounced, mumbled or skipped words of the service.” (Wiki)

All those horrible (?) mistakes would be taken to hell in a bag. And when the offenders died, they would have to answer for their mistakes.

In a 15th-century script called “Myroure of Oure Ladye” the demon introduced himself: “I am a poure dyuel, and my name ys Tytyvyllus … I muste eche day … brynge my master a thousande pokes full of faylynges, and of neglygences in syllables and wordes.”

The image below is a painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, that I used as an example for ‘my’ demon.

Link to the original painting in Prado