Waar je bij staat

Impossible to translate! Random clippings arranged in a not-so-random naughty story. Best effort by some auto translate sites:

“I actually want to kiss and unload every corner of your entire body right in front of you. It can lead to bubbling surrender, and suddenly you can recognize and understand my beautiful raw ode to the oldest lust for life.”

Whahahahh. ‘Unload’? Or ‘offload’? ‘Take a load off?’ Doesn’t sound quite as poetic.

This was so much fun to create. I started with a sketch I made in 2021. I remixed it with (fragments of) three paintings of a strikingly similar theme that I recently stumbled across thanks to The Great Woman Artists Instagram account. These three beautiful paintings were created by Venezuelan-born, [mostly] LA-based artist Luchita Hurtado

Image source: Tank Magazine

Quote by Hurtado (source: The Guardian): “Limited though it was, that time and space was her own, and the paintings marked autonomous territory, even if it extended only to the borders of her own body: “This is a landscape, this is the world, this is all you have, this is your home, this is where you live,” she later explained. “You are what you feel, what you hear, what you know.””

On the ‘The Great Women Artists’ podcast (season 2 episode 16) I hear that Hurtado was also fascinated by rock art and Neolithic images. Another reason to take a closer look at her work. Because rock art, OMG, rock art