The Messenger

OH NO HE’S BEEN SHOT who would have thought.

This might be another self portrait. But I got the inspiration for the look from a miniature by Enguerrand de Monstrelet (“Herault proclaiming peace”, 15th century). So it kinda looks like an actual medieval messenger. Even googled ‘what did medieval arrows look like’. Wow.

I think this is one of my favorite drawings of 2023. Looking at this drawing still cheers me up, it makes me want to draw some more.

I like the loose style, the colors, the details, the character, the way the (imaginary) ink works on the (imaginary) paper (haha). The concept, the reference to medieval art and history. The funny part and the dark part (because what’s tragedy without comedy right, and also, the other way around). And the process was fun, few doubts or self-criticism while drawing.

[the fact that I can easily write so many positive things about my own drawing is quite unique, tbh. I’m a very harsh critic].