The master and the grandmaster

This drawing started with a sketch from nature: a sketch of a spoiled plum, to be precise. Leave it to me to choose the most fun topic in a beautiful blooming garden!

In the end, the plum – as always – was just an inspiration for an interesting image. A place to start. As I have said before, reality is just a gentle suggestion, it’s saying, ‘Yes, you could draw this, or something like this, but above all: make it your own.’

First I did a sketch with pencil, then “painted” with acrylic markers, and finally the finishing touch with black fineliner. I added the quote with pencil, but in the end I turned the whole thing into a digital drawing and added the quote again. I also made the colors more vibrant.

The quote is from the series ‘The Diary of Andy Warhol’ (on the Dutch Netflix).