“Look, if I have to explain the meaning [of this drawing] to you, then it’s not funny anymore.”

(inspired by this cartoon by Paul Noth)

Two plants

Something like:   ‘You’re like a little dead plant.’ ‘Yeah, but there’s a second plant growing – with shoots.’

My neck

Go ahead. (were you singing the song? Admit it. No shame in that)

Listen to yourself

Quote from a very inspiring conversation between Peter Griffin and Brian Griffin, in Family Guy.


But here’s a smiley balloon.

Go somewhere

This style was inspired by the work of @pulpbrother (Javier Mayoral on Instagram).


For God’s sake, do not take the hint.

Accidental boogie

Inspired by a Mondriaan exposition and a party at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. What a place to party.

Your roof

Quote from a very sad time in (recent) history.

Move me

Aangrijpen, emotioneren, ontroeren, aanpakken, aanstoten en betasten.


Natural habitat.  (and nothing to add here)

Tout droit

Because that’s what we learned in high school. In French class.


I’m afraid it’s getting harder and harder to convince you people that I’m not totally evil.   I based this portrait loosely on a portrait

Hand grasping fish

‘Tzak’ means ‘to conjure’ in ancient Maya glyphs (8th century). The glyph depicts a hand grasping a fish.   In 2019, I watched a fascinating


Traffic brings out the worst in people.  I am people.    

Always later

….right? Kinda quoted from Bojack Horseman. Love that show.