My spirit animal

My spirit BEAST. 

I thought of this concept during a trip in 2021. It was extremely funny to me then. I wasn’t laughing when these creatures were in my kitchen last summer, though.

I was reminded of my spirit animal when I came across this fascinating article about (the memory of) fruit flies, and the effects of metamorphosis. “Why Insect Memories May Not Survive Metamorphosis” (Quanta Magazine). An excerpt: “The reshuffling of neurons during fruit fly metamorphosis suggests that larval memories don’t persist in adults.” The same individual, but a different being? At least with different memories. Fascinating.

Another excerpt from the same article, about the metamorphosis process:

“All the connections between the neurons in the mushroom body and their input and output neurons are dissolved.

At this transformation stage, “it’s kind of this ultimate Buddhistic situation where you have no inputs, you have no outputs,” Gerber said. “It’s just me, myself and I.””

Started out with paper, scissors and fineliner. I used a paper bag I got from Swaak art supplies in Utrecht – hence the text.

This was so much work, and it was fun, but I keep wondering which method suits me best: playing around with paper and pens, and then digitally editing, spending hours working with paint and glorious colors, or – what I usually do – black and white and simple, clear lines.

Do I even have to choose, tralala.