Mark and Millie

My first ‘collaboration’ with Midjourney’s AI bot. So much fun.

I asked the bot to create four images based on the key words “a 17th century Dutch painting of an island with two people on it” (see below). I can’t tell you how much I love the results. It actually *feels* like 17th-century Dutch painting style, but something’s off in every image. That’s what I like about it.

I chose the image on the top right, and drew on it with the Doodle app on my phone. Then I added text with the Photoroom app. A little ‘artwork’ with just some keywords and my fingertips.

I suspect that during my studies (Art History) I might have fallen in love a bit with medieval and 17th-century paintings. Because even when I’m well aware that these images are created by ‘just’ an AI image generator, looking at them makes me a tiny bit happier.

This could be addictive.