“Everything is a manifestation of consciousness. And consciousness engages in this divine act of creation, maintaining, dissolution, concealment, and revelation. So it’s actually a five-fold act, according to the tradition.”

“What is this concealment and revelation? Consciousness, as Alan Watts used to say, loves to play hide and seek. It conceals to itself the fact that is is the author of all its experiences.”

“Consciousness pretends for a moment – and that moment can last several lifetimes – that it is not, in fact, author of the totality of its own experience. And then, experiences this longing to know the truth, and reveals that truth to itself.”

“So that’s the act of revelation. That consciousness realizes, ah! Nothing has ever been happening this whole time. Except what I am manifesting as the qualia of my experience.”

“Ah! Nothing has ever been happening this whole time.”