I’m sure they’re nice

I try not to judge. 

But I fail on a daily basis.

Of course, you can drive yourself crazy with an ambition like that. I’m just a tiny little fallible human. I’ll start by trying to judge ‘less’ (instead of ‘never again’).

Plus, in my mind, there is a difference between ‘judgment’ and ‘discernment’. 

“I have observed that there are more orange colored people on the street these days.”

[and I’m not referring to their King’s Day’s hats]

That’s technically not a judgment, is it?


Christopher Wallis has a nice and refreshing view on the topic of ‘judging’. He says that ‘discernment’ is just a type of judgment. So that there’s no real difference there. 

Wallis says that we simply cannot go a day without judging – even when we try to lead a spiritual life. That there’s beneficial and non-beneficial judgement. And that judging only becomes a problem when (quote) “we make an interpersonal judgment of the value of another human being, about the value of their humanity. (…) Virtually everybody does it. (…) This sort of judgment is dehumanizing, dangerous, harmful. (…)”