I am a rock

This quote is inspired by a story Jack Kornfield tells in the Tim Ferris podcast linked below. It’s a beautiful conversation.

Last week I went to an exhibition by Rinus van de Velde in museum Voorlinden: The Armchair Voyager. It made me so very happy. Image and text combined, different styles, variation, and above all: an intriguing overarching concept. I’ll just quote the website:

“Rinus Van de Velde is a true explorer, but does not want to leave his studio to do so. And he doesn’t need to. He collects photos and clippings, watches documentaries and reads (artists’) biographies and books on philosophy and art history. Whilst daydreaming, he transforms these different sources of inspiration into his own surrealistic stories, often putting himself in someone else’s shoes.”

You enter the exhibition through the construction below, as if you were entering a vault.

“Decor, Vault, 2021.”
Image source: Voorlinden website.

I was looking at the work below for a long time. Focusing on the delicious style. I started thinking, if you paint like that, how could you ever make a mistake? Seems impossible to me. How wonderful that must feel. The ultimate freedom in making.

“I was wheeled back…, 2020.”
Image source: Daily Art Fair website.

So this is a long way of saying: I was very inspired by this exhibition, and with this drawing of the boulder I tried to draw more ‘freely’. Like I’m always trying, really… But this time with a concrete example in mind. It helps.