For me

The basis for this collage is a sketch from a few months ago. I may [always] change my mind, but for now this feels true. For the frame in this work, I used a photo of a painting that I saw last week at the Boijmans Van Beuningen depot.

Also, this quote reminds me of the following song. That I know from Instagram. Because I’m very young and hip. Very therapeutic to listen to when your schedule is a little too full.

And if you’re really stressed out, be sure to listen to this masterpiece too.

Join in, everybody:

“I had a lot of things to do today
But you know what I did instead
I took a nap
It was a very good nap

That email
I took a nap
Zoom call
I took a nap
What about your lunch plan
I took a nap
House chores
I took a nap

Home workout
I took a nap
Bath time
I took a nap
What about your TikTok
I made time for that
The end of this song
I took a nap”

Is there any song that better describes the working-from-home-experience in the corona times?! Whahahh.

Source for lyrics: MusixMatch