This drawing may have been inspired by a painting I recently saw at Museum More in Gorssel. ‘May have been,’ because god knows how the brain really works. All I know is that I saw this painting by Har Sanders (see below), and afterwards I got the idea for this drawing.

“Ingedut kussen” (“Dozing Pillow”) by Har Sanders – 1970. This is a photo I took of the painting at Museum More during the beautiful exposition ‘Realism – from 1900 to today‘. You can still go and see it until the 12th of March 2023. And I would, if I were you. 

I loved how this exhibition was divided into themes such as “Realist and Abstract” – with an actually engaging introduction to it for every theme. See below for an example; particularly this one sparks my imagination.

In addition to all these wonderful museum stories, there are, of course, personal associations in this work. The detail below reminds me of someone who passed away last year: faith, hope and love.