But nobody came

“But nobody came to visit.
Not even after I installed a second front door.”

A dream I recently had. When I woke up, I sprinted (well, stumbled) to get my sketchbook and wrote it down.

This lady’s appearance is based on a black and white photo of a woman in a wicker chair. Initially, she had a different face but I thought that one was too cartoony. I posted it in my Insta story (hashtage show your mistakes) so it still exists in the digisphere somewhere.

I think I like it now, especially the hands. This lady’s hands remind me of my late grandmother’s hands. The hands of a hard worker, with quite thick and slightly crooked fingers.

With this drawing I also accidentally participated in the Instagram Inktober challenge of 2023. Their goals:

“We want to help artists:
🖤 get better at drawing
🖤 find other cool artists
🖤 grow an audience for their work.”

Hurray and amen!