Analog exercises

Thanks to some summer courses (an illustration course and a painting course), I’ve been back on the analog track for a while. And I’ve been enjoying it. Below are some of the most fun results. According to yours truly. Of course.

Age old questions

I usually work digitally. With software, you can make all drawings pixel perfect – but that is not my goal. Even when working digital, I try to leave room for ‘happy mistakes’ and coincidence.

‘Happy mistakes’ and coincidence play a different – and larger – role in analog work. I knew that already, but it’s fun to experience this again. Plus, it’s just cool to be able to physically hold your work in your hands. Whether that is a painting on paper or a sketchbook with (often half-finished) drawings.

Images on the right are inspired by artist Tara Booth

After all, we’re 3D-beings, and it’s just something else to experience your own work in 3D. With all your senses. Well, several of them at least.

(I’m not in the habit of licking my sketchbooks)

(even though they’re truly delicious)

Roughly copied that from the book 'Affinities' (Public Domain Review)
Stream of consciousness while messing with gouache paint

The videos below are examples of what I’ve been sharing through my Instagram Stories. The framing is a bit weird, but I think you get can an impression.

Come on ladies
Quote by one of my fellow students, colors by Matisse (well...)